Here are some random facts about me:


  • My tribe consists of Reece, Oscar (AKA Oz, Woody, Woody-Pants) and Esmé (Ez, Essers, Baby Girl): and frankly, as a collective, we’re a bit nuts really.
  • I prefer Rizo to Sandra Dee and live by the rule of not being “too pure to be pink” (sandy WAS pretty cool by the end though!)
  • I LOVE a floaty wedding dress and a moody sky and find the combination of both mindblowing.
  • I’m a bit obsessed with interior design and cool architecture and have BIG plans for our home… Grand Designs here I come (in my dreams)
  • My 6 year old son declared, at Christmas, that he “wasn’t really in to Drum n Bass as much any more,” because he had, “started listening to more Jazz”. It was a proud, proud mummy moment for me!
  • On a night out you can find me, G&T in hand, on the dancefloor. The dancefloor is usally in someone’s kitchen these days though.
  • When I saw my husband, 20 years ago, for the first time I got a message to my brain that said “That’s the one,” Honest. That really happened!
  • I love that moment when you’re driving to the coast and you can suddenly smell the sea. That gives me butterflies.
  • Roast dinner, sushi, ramen, fish, salad, anything made out of potatoes but especially chippy chips and gravy: all favourite foods.
  • I’m a Northerner who lives South (Bedford to be exact), but in between lived in Tokyo and Cornwall. In other words I travel well.
  • Finding a photo of me was near impossible (that wasn’t a silly selfie). Thanks to the mega-dude Matt Parry for the ‘official’ profile pic!
  • Fancy dress??? Any excuse really…





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